Closing Down

After several months of debate, we are very sad to announce the decision to close down Vigil. Since we started Vigil more than five years ago, we have enjoyed building and maintaining the service for our own use as well as each of you.

While we tried several different approaches to market and grow the business over the years, we were simply unsuccessful. In short, we struggled to find a way to grow a large enough user-base that would allow Vigil to succeed on its own. As a result, Vigil has begun to slowly take a back seat to other projects. This is not how we envisioned Vigil nor how we want to run the service.

While we are shutting down Vigil, we want to provide a transition period for customers so they have time to move to a new monitoring service. We will maintain the Vigil servers until June 1. Anyone with an active subscription will be able to continue using the service until that time.

When you are ready, please login to the web client at and go to the Account page to cancel your current plan. Or, email us and we can handle that for you.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

We would like to thank everyone that gave Vigil a try, all the customers that subscribed to our service, and everyone that helped us promote Vigil along the way.

Mark, Mike, and Tim
The Vigil Team